Friday 5 (3/21/14)

finnegan's sample

1. Rush (dir. Ron Howard)
2. The Yes Man (dir. Peyton Reed, w/Jim Carrey)
3. Lorde, “Team” – Mentioned here already a few weeks ago, and it continues to sound better every time it comes on. First candidate for single of the year.
4. Passing Observation Based on No Hard Data: Pop radio is suddenly, for the first time in a long time, teeming with male voices. More than I recall at any time over the last ten years or so. And guess what? Most, if not all, of them sound like jerks.
5. A page spread from Marshall McLuhan’s Finnegans Wake annotations, part of the McLuhan Library Collection (“comprising more than 6000 volumes”) which is now available at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library in Toronto. The annotations–decodings, hypotheses, evidence (but for what, you might ask?), scribbles, puns–prove that Finnegans Wake is less a book to be read than one to be remixed or rewritten. Remarkable to think there are 626 more pages of this stuff.

2 thoughts on “Friday 5 (3/21/14)

  1. Well, I for sure did not hear it on the radio — the ultimate criteria for putting a date stamp on a pop single in my view — in the middle of 2013 (according to Wikipedia, “Team” was released in Sep 2013, which itself is probably irrelevant given that “Royals” was still being played 100 times a day at that point), but you’re correct, probably, in noting that the single may be past its radio peak. It only struck me these last couple months, though.

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