Friday 6 (3/28/14)

1. Philip Glass, “Music With Changing Parts” – Barely.
2. Ekehard Ehlers “Plays Cornelius Cardew (Part 2)” – A serene racket.
3. Paul McCartney & Wings, Band on the Run
4. James Elkins, What Happened to Art Criticism – The idea being that I will find out what went wrong with art criticism before I really understand what was ever right with art criticism, though halfway in to this 86-page tract, I’m not getting much of a handle on either.
5. Todd Terje ft. Bryan Ferry, “Johnny and Mary” – Heard just once (it was posted on Facebook last night). A cover of the great Robert Palmer song, done up (or rather, down) in a gloomy Depeche Mode beat, sung by someone who is either losing his voice or knows exactly how to use what’s still left of it–either way, I still take to it, even if the cover itself is a snoozer.
6. Capital Cities, “Safe and Sound” – Heard about 1,000 times, or so it feels, on the radio, on TV, wherever. Mildly irritating until all of a sudden it became mildly addictive.

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