On the Firing of Owen Gleiberman from Entertainment Weekly

Matt Zoller Seitz mourns the loss and assesses the damage:

What really depresses me about Owen’s firing isn’t just that a fine writer got axed from a magazine that he helped define. It’s that the journalism industry, if you can even call it that anymore, is unwilling or unable to support writers like Owen, or Lisa [Schwarzbaum], or… I was about to list other critics I admire who’ve been fired or bought out in the last decade, but I won’t. It’s too depressing. And it doesn’t get at the bland mystery of what’s happening to the business that nurtured me: an eerie mix of bean counting, soul-rot, and page-click psuedo-science gone mad.

Aaron Aradillas interviewed Owen Gleiberman for rockcritics.com 10 years ago. (Oddly enough, it is next in line to be re-posted here, from the archives, but I won’t get to it until next week.)


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