Friday 8 (5/2/14)

Ornette Coleman Week:
1. Body Meta
2. Complete Science Fiction Session
3. Dancing in Your Head
4. Skies of America

5. John Rockwell, “Ornette Coleman” chapter in All American Music

Can’t say anything half-intelligent about the Ornette binge, really. When Christgau ranked Of Human Feelings his #1 album of 1982, I got a copy from the library, tried to convince myself it was as good as I hoped it would be, but the music never truly kicked in (the pleasure I got from the experience — and it was a form of pleasure, I’d argue, if fleetingly so — was almost entirely intellectual). I’m much closer to the stuff now, probably because I’m a much less uptight listener than I was in my teens (and also because a path towards the stuff has been paved by all sorts of others, post-punkers, especially). Not sure it will ever rank with music I feel I need to hear, but who knows? I’m still leaving that option open (and reading stuff like the Rockwell chapter helps some).

New Tracks of the Week

6. Foster the People, “Coming of Age
7. Weaves, “Buttercup
8. Haim, “If I Could Change Your Mind” – I’ve only listened once, but it still sounds like Throwback Thursday to me (and the video doesn’t help). What am I not getting?

The Weaves, “Buttercup”

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