Charles M. Young, 1951-2014


August 19, 2014 by admin

Sorry to hear about the death of Charles M. Young today. From the Friends of Chuck blog:

Today sometime near noon our friend of a lifetime passed away in his hospice room.

He was fortunate that his brother John and niece Makita were here for the last five days to spend a great deal of time with him. They came to say good bye to him early this morning before their flights to Hawaii and Las Vegas, respectively. Later, his nurse was able to get him to eat a little bit of scrambled egg. By around eleven a.m., he began experiencing respiratory distress, and though he turned away oxygen initially, he was eventually administered an anti-anxiety drug and supplemental oxygen. His breathing became slightly calmer, but by noon, he had left this life.

I’ll post more about Young as I come across remembrances. A few things to see in the meantime:



4 thoughts on “Charles M. Young, 1951-2014

  1. Gutter Dandy says:

    At least he outlived rock criticism, which died years ago.

  2. Roger Leisner says:

    A great comrade. Chuck really helped Radio Free Maine with fantastic reviews in Playboy and Musician magazines. A sense of humor and a sense of justice, combined with a love for music. I’ll really miss the guy.

  3. It’s been several weeks and I wish this post could have been more timely, but I wanted to share a story I wrote about my 10-year friendship with Chuck that includes an interview I did with him where he really lets it fly on the publishing industry. The story provides some insights on Chuck that you won’t find in other bios.

  4. GM Admin says:

    Will read this soon, Brian, but it looks great. Thanks for the link.

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