Phil Dellio’s ‘Interrupting My Train of Thought’

Never mind that I’m more than a little biased on the subject of a new book by Phil Dellio—said book of which I helped edit and for which I built a WordPress promotional site to boot—but it would be remiss of me not to make at least a little bit of noise about it on this site. At 400+ pages, assembled thematically (chapters on Nixon and The Godfather to year-end ballots to Phil’s near-lifelong obsession with Neil Young) Interrupting is a 22 Explosive Hits-like compendium, nearly 30 years in the making, of great thinking and great writing about pop music, movies, pop music in movies, presidential politics, race, teaching, donut shops, and much else. Worth the price of admission alone for Phil’s Radio On reviews—generous excerpts from his great ’90s chartzine, which Rob Sheffield (who wrote the foreword for the book) calls “the best fanzine that ever existed.” Visit the site for chapter excerpts, and details on how to purchase.


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