Steely Dan podcast, part one


February 15, 2015 by admin

Writer Vic Perry joins me for an in-depth discussion of critically acclaimed seventies weirdos—coincidentally, one of the most popular bands of their time—Steely Dan. Our first conversation (an economical two-hours-and-20-minutes) has us sharing our personal Steely Dan histories, top ten song lists, and rankings of the phase one (1972-80) LPs. To keep it manageable, I’ve broken the conversation into seven parts.

PART 1: I recall when I was small
PART 2: Go back, Jack
PART 3: No, we got nothing in common
PART 4: You could have a change of heart
PART 5: It’s your favorite foreign movie
PART 6: Soon it will be too late
PART 7: The answer they reveal

[Download: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven]

Supplementary Steely Dan Reading List (part one)
– Greil Marcus, Stranded discography
– Robert Christgau, What Kind of a Best Rock and Roll Band in the World Is This? + Consumer Guide entries
– Nate Patrin reviews and ranks the albums at Stereogum
– Nicholas Pell, It Takes a Lot of Cocaine to Be as Smooth as Steely Dan
Rolling Stone SD reviews

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3 thoughts on “Steely Dan podcast, part one

  1. Emidio"Rocker"Vaz says:

    Who’s doing the interview ???
    The band member of Steely Dan cant account for his material in the sense of where he was & going on to say that the 70’s weren’t appealing to him in terms of music.Is this for real.

  2. bdecesare says:

    Vic Perry’s pop culture lens makes me so dang happy. Thanks for this.

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