Steely Dan podcast, part one

Writer Vic Perry joins me for an in-depth discussion of critically acclaimed seventies weirdos—coincidentally, one of the most popular bands of their time—Steely Dan. Our first conversation (an economical two-hours-and-20-minutes) has us sharing our personal Steely Dan histories, top ten song lists, and rankings of the phase one (1972-80) LPs. To keep it manageable, I’ve broken the conversation into seven parts.

PART 1: I recall when I was small
PART 2: Go back, Jack
PART 3: No, we got nothing in common
PART 4: You could have a change of heart
PART 5: It’s your favorite foreign movie
PART 6: Soon it will be too late
PART 7: The answer they reveal

[Download: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven]

Supplementary Steely Dan Reading List (part one)
– Greil Marcus, Stranded discography
– Robert Christgau, What Kind of a Best Rock and Roll Band in the World Is This? + Consumer Guide entries
– Nate Patrin reviews and ranks the albums at Stereogum
– Nicholas Pell, It Takes a Lot of Cocaine to Be as Smooth as Steely Dan
Rolling Stone SD reviews

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3 thoughts on “Steely Dan podcast, part one

  1. Who’s doing the interview ???
    The band member of Steely Dan cant account for his material in the sense of where he was & going on to say that the 70’s weren’t appealing to him in terms of music.Is this for real.

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