podcast interview with jeff pike (@ new digs)

As I slowly step away from this site (…), I have decided to start hosting my podcasts and audio excursions in a new WordPress space: and you can dance to it. How active this mostly-talk site becomes depends on how willing anyone is to talk to me (and how actively I pursue other people talking to me; I do currently have a few conversations lined up).

In any case, I’m pleased to kick off this new chapter with a conversation with Jeff Pike, author of the newly published Index: Essays, Fragments, and Liberal Arts Homework. I’ve been a fan of Jeff’s writing since I first encountered it in the ’90s fanzine mini-network we both frequented (Radio On, Why Music Sucks, Kitschener, and Jeff’s own Tapeworm), so it was a pleasure to a) read Jeff’s new anthology, and b) bend his ear over the phone about his writing.

5 thoughts on “podcast interview with jeff pike (@ new digs)

  1. Have just felt for a long time that I’m out of gas re: this site, whatever “it” is. Twice a year or so I seem to feel energized, and then–poof, it’s gone.

    Want to take over? Or contribute posts, or something? I’d be happy to keep this enterprise going with someone else posting stuff.

  2. I’d like to be enabled to post occasionally, and imagine others would too, but we’d still need an admin o course… (btw, haven’t used WordPress; what’s the advantage over this or others—for instance, Blogger, Medium, Srbd, Tumblr—?)

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