Closing Time will officially close shop at the end of May (May 29, to be precise). It’s been a long, fun, once in a while even productive, run, but time to move on—and time to eliminate another expense (not a major one by any stretch, but every bit is helping right now).

I will retain personal archives of all interviews and features, but I’ve no plans to re-post them at this time. If you’re interested in retaining any of the material here for your own archives, I urge you to copy what you need now. Just as I urge you (kindly) to not go and re-post anything that isn’t yours without some form of acknowledgment or permission (either from the interviewer or the interviewee). I’m not going to pretend I have lawyers at the ready with this stuff, and I’m fully aware of how the internet works. But it would be great if some version of the honours system was in effect here.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed something or tuned in over the years.

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