(Maybe not) closing time

So, I’ve had several people express interest in keeping this venture alive. I mentioned in the last post that there’s a cost to keep this going, and there is, but I didn’t mean to give the impression that it was the primary impetus behind my thinking—the cost is minimal (domain name + hosting). The thing for me (what’s been sticking in my craw a little about it all) is that it’s just one web cost I have right now among many. It’s a question of paying for something I have little or no intention of using much again. Sort of like being trapped in a Columbia House Tape Club membership despite not having ordered a new title in three years. But I’m getting the strong sense that a) some people out there might be interested in contributing material to this site (I’m all for it, though I’m not looking to play “editor” right now); b) some people out there would even contribute money to this site (it’s not necessary, honestly, but thanks); and c) a bunch of people will be upset if the stuff on here already is no longer online (I would feel bad about pulling it all, though again, I have backups of everything).

In the very least, I’ll scratch the May 29 deadline, pony up for at least another year, and take it from there. I would urge anyone who wants a contributor ID to this site to let me know. IF someone, or many people, want to keep this thing alive, good. I have too many things on my plate right now to chime in myself, probably, but happy to open this to other voices.

Sorry for the scare. Sometimes the view from the cliff is… well, tempting. (Metaphor, people!)

3 thoughts on “(Maybe not) closing time

  1. Hi, I run a music course in Sydney and looking for guests to join us (remotely) to talk about contemporary music. Anyone interested?

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