Nik Cohn on an “unmitigated disaster” by the Fab Four

New York Times, Oct. 5, 1969

“The six tracks on the first side and the opening two tracks on the flip are all write-offs: there’s a Ringo Starr nursery rhyme; a quick burst of sub-Brian Wilson; two songs by George Harrison, mediocrity incarnate; yet another slice of Paul McCartney twenties nostalgia, and an endless slow blues.
“The badness ranges from mere gentle tedium to cringing embarrassment. The blues, for instance, is horribly out of tune, and Ringo’s ditty is purest Mickey Mouse. The only interesting failures are two numbers by John Lennon, ‘Come Together’ and ‘Oh! Darling.'”
(The latter is actually McCartney, but oh well.)


2 thoughts on “Nik Cohn on an “unmitigated disaster” by the Fab Four

  1. AwopbopaloobopalopbamBOOOOM!!!!!!!!

    Then, befo’ then, since then, now then and forever Sat Nite Fever Rock Dreams – Nik Cohn ROCKS!

    Sgt Pill Poppers’ Yeller SlabMargarine – WTF?!

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