Roy Carr

Music Writer Roy Carr Has Died

Roy Carr’s illustrated records from the seventies (Stones, Beatles, and Bowie all grace my collection) were enormously inspiring to me at a young age–a bridge in many ways to the criticism which eventually took over (really) my life for several years. The Stones book in particular: I think I memorized every page of the thing, from the unbelievable photos and news clippings (including the infamous, “Would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone?”) to the solid-as-a-rock LP and singles reviews. Truly, along with the records themselves, Carr’s lavish book was the guide for my all-time Stones fixation.

Sad to hear that Carr has died. I wish we’d gotten to him for an interview back when we did such things around these parts. Would love to know more of his story.


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