Come one, come anybody

Some time over the next little while (hard to be more specific than that),, in sharp rebuke to the current culture of downsizing and job redundancies, will be expanding its roster to three times its current head count (i.e., me plus two other guys). I’ll let Vic and Andrew introduce themselves through their upcoming posts, but I welcome other contributors as well. If you know the site at all, you likely have some idea of the sort of stuff I/we have done around here, albeit in various configurations, but I’m all ears for suggestions. Email me at scottmichaelwoods at, or drop a comment here, and let me know how I can reach you.

Fully in keeping with the current culture of downsizing and job redundancies, I can’t pay you a cent, add your name to mailing lists for free books or records, etc. But hey—it’s a space to play or fuck around in, and remarkably enough, it’s a space not entirely devoid of a readership; a small one, to be sure, but more than there should be, given how infrequently things move around here.

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