Rock Critic Laws

In his new book, Rock Critic Law: 101 Unbreakable Rules for Writing Badly About Music, Michael Azerrad takes on the clichés that pervade rock writing. His mode is tongue-in-cheek, with the book written as a sort of satirical ‘Strunk & White’ manual for album reviewers, to be followed at the writer’s peril. If you’ve written about music, you’ll find yourself nodding along in recognition at many of the words and phrases he includes: universally loathed, criminally underrated, twin lead guitars, stunning debut.

(“Does Michael Azerrad Obey His Own Rock Critic Law?” Matthew Kassel, Slate)


2 thoughts on “Rock Critic Laws

  1. This is awesome. Rabid diehard fans must be quarantined in a fan base, where they can be treated, if not entirely cured. They could potentially become part of a loyal and dedicated fan base.

  2. One of my favorites: “During the interview, if a musician is sitting down, they are ‘seated comfortably.'” How fun would it be to see any writer — rock journalist or no — get crafty with that standard. “They are seated composedly/dexterously/swimmingly/slothfully/statuesquely/etc.”

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