Top 50 Favourite Songs: Prologue

Rolling Stone, you may have noticed, recently posted its (second) 500 Best Songs of All Time list, which was compiled from more than 250 ballots (critics, musicians, industry folk), with each voter choosing 50 songs.

In response—as a sort of answer record—I’ve asked a few people to contribute their own Top 50 Favourite Songs ballot, and I’m opening this up to any other readers who would like to participate as well. In my socially-cloistered world, I prefer “favourite” to “best” and tend more and more to hear favourite “songs” as “singles,” though those are personal distinctions and can be yours to play and/or grapple with.

This isn’t a poll. The purpose isn’t to tabulate winners (that would be pretty funny, given the expected sample size), it’s just a chance to let the world know what songs you love. Comments are welcome with your ballot as well (no 2,000-word essays, though).

I’ve set up a rockcritics shadow email address: (I hope it works). If you’d like to submit a ballot, let me know. Please don’t mail in a ballot before reaching out to say ‘hi.’ I’ll fill you in on a few minor details. The deadline is whenever I don’t feel like doing this anymore, but I’ll probably keep it open for a while.

A couple ballots will go up this week. Stay tuned.


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