A+ (Christgau)

Roughly a year ago I came across a Spotify playlist with every Christgau A+ album (1,693 songs, 104 hours and 41 minutes long), and one night, listening to it on shuffle play the idea struck me: wouldn’t it be cool to create an “A+” mix? Then, as is often the case, my ambitions went kind of crazy on the thing—neo-Shakespearean recitations? why not—and, well, here it is. (I’m pissed that a couple botched transitions got past me in the final edit, but I don’t want to change the link now.)


3 thoughts on “A+ (Christgau)

  1. Maybe extra sensitized because I just finished reading Xgau’s sad-tinged Dean’s List reflections for ’21 but this brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye, Scott. Very sweet. And not least of all for Phil’s flubbed readings, Bozelka kissing Too Much Too Soon, and you (I gather?) marveling at Xgau getting you to hear Dolly Parton in a new way. And great DIY production, says technophobe me. I don’ t love every one of his A+ records but an astonishingly high percentage. The indestructible beat of Robert Christgau.

  2. The segue from Al Green to DJ Shadow was gorgeous, I can’t get those Fender Rhodes chords following Have You Been Making Out OK out of my head now. Great job on this

  3. Thanks for the comments but I just discovered that this is officially blocked, for copyright reasons. Seemed inevitable, I guess.

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