This is a website about rock criticism and the people who write it. Been here since 2000, haphazardly since 2007.

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  1. Hey Scott!

    I have been horribly neglectful in not visiting Rock Critics in a long time but I will now make it a regular visit again and will ensure the staff of Rock and Roll Report do so as well. Glad to know that the site is still thriving!

    Also, we have a new monthly series starting soon that I would like to talk about with you as I think some of the Rock Critics contributors might be interested in getting involved.


  2. I was a regular contributor to Rolling Stone and Fusion 1969-76, and music editor of The Boston Phoenix 1971-74. Please get in touch if you’re seeking thoughts and reminiscences of the period. – Ben Gerson

  3. Mr Marcus: Princeton 62-63, midnight concert series at MacCarter theater, few beers and clear possibility of falling asleep, just using the ticker…young Bob Dylan bops in about the way you describe him in your Dylan book 1963…barstool with harmonicas, glass of water. First song a little weird, but interesting…second song and I move to the edge of my seat for the rest of the “concert” and have moved only a little ever since. He returns the next year, quite known by then, and fyi—you probably already heard this—a Princeton student began insisting that he had written Blowin’ In The Wind and sent it off on a match book or something… Anyway, Dylan introduced the song saying “Contrary to what you may have heard, I wrote this song…” Into your book 17 pages, Martin D-28 guitar leaning on the wall, living in Montana where I have seen Dylan six times, feel a bit like whenever a Dylan album came out, don’t wanna ever get to the last song but can’t wait to do so, gonna love your book. PS …another little anecdote/true story, my neighbor has two fancy western wear shops, this happening in Casper WY, Dylan and a couple of musicians ride bicycles to the store from their tour bus/hotel, and he picks out some new clothes when an older lady says “You sure look a lot like Bob Dylan.” He smiles and says, “Yeah, I get that a lot…”

  4. Ben Gerson ! I remember you ! Me, I’m still doing music journalism, mostly online but also for the Phoenix, which now has its 6th music editor after you. Are you on Facebook ?

  5. Click on where it says “give us a buzz” and you can email me (I don’t have much PC access today, though).

  6. Hi Scott,

    I just discovered your site while doing some research on Richard Meltzer. Loved the interview (and the subsequent 15 or so interviews I checked out after that). This is a great blog. Keep up the good work man.

    -Chris Baker (aspiring rock critic)

  7. Write about your days in The Doberman Gang. You must have some interesting tales to relate!

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