Roy Carr

Music Writer Roy Carr Has Died Roy Carr’s illustrated records from the seventies (Stones, Beatles, and Bowie all grace my collection) were enormously inspiring to me at a young age–a bridge in many ways to the criticism which eventually took over (really) my life for several years. The Stones book in particular: I think I memorized every page of the thing, from the unbelievable photos … Continue reading Roy Carr

The Best Beatles Books

Stephen Thomas Erlewine at Pitchfork chooses the ten best books about the Beatles, from Philip Norman’s Shout! to Rob Sheffield’s wonderful Dreaming the Beatles. M.I.A. (fully cognizant of the fact that there are probably 25-30 “best” books on the Beatles): Mark Shipper’s Paperback Writer (cf. the back and forth email chat between Richard Riegel and myself on this) Tim Riley’s Tell Me Why (listen to … Continue reading The Best Beatles Books

Louie’s back in town

Two good listens re: “Louie Louie” 1 – “Louie Louie”: The Strange Journey of the Dirtiest Song Never Written (KCRW podcast/documentary) 2 – July 2002 interview w/Dave Marsh on Speaking Freely, primarily about “LL” Incidentally, I’ve finally pulled Marsh’s “Louie Louie” book off the shelf. I hope it lives up to its provocative subtitle (The History and Mythology of the World’s Most Famous Rock ‘n … Continue reading Louie’s back in town

Art critics, art books

Who are the best art critics and what are the best books of art criticism? Here are some of the books I own: Robert Hughes, Nothing if Not Critical – The sort of critical anthology I’m currently most interested in (it contains reprints of Hughes’s reviews across several years at Time magazine). Hughes is devastating when he goes in for the kill (Julian Schnabel—ouch!), and … Continue reading Art critics, art books