Comments Spamming

Some particularly heinous SPAM comments (including a link masked well enough that I was stupid enough to click on it) made it through the filters recently. I’ve increased the filtering criteria (so, if you comment, it may take longer to see your comment appear) but I stress extreme caution when opening comments in general. If it’s not clear to you who the ‘person’ is, or … Continue reading Comments Spamming

Closing Time will officially close shop at the end of May (May 29, to be precise). It’s been a long, fun, once in a while even productive, run, but time to move on—and time to eliminate another expense (not a major one by any stretch, but every bit is helping right now). I will retain personal archives of all interviews and features, but I’ve no plans … Continue reading Closing Time

Erratic City

Apologies for the erratic schedule as of late. Truth is, this will continue for some time — through the summer, at least — as I’ve undertaken some new projects, a major one of which is scheduled to launch in July (and which you’ll hear about here). Will try to pop my head in the door with some updates every so often (as with this evening’s brief … Continue reading Erratic City


Sorry for the lack of posting recently, but it’s been an unusually busy and brutal December. Have one, possibly two, Pet Shop-related posts I’m hoping to do before Christmas, but we’ll see — if not next week, then almost certainly in the new year. Other stuff possibly on the agenda in the weeks ahead: – a year-end Top 10 — my first in at least … Continue reading Agenda