Trying to set up comments again, but the site has been inundated in recent months by spammers, so the comments box might get shut down from time to time. I’ve set them up for the time being so that I am required to approve any that come through the door. I’ve never been keen on having to approve legitimate comments, but I’ll do so at … Continue reading Comments

The Game Plan

Further to yesterday’s post, I’ve signed on and ponied up for one more year to maintain the rockcritics archives, with the intention of retiring that server space next January. Not the content itself, just the venue which houses the content. The plan is to re-post all the old interviews (plus a bunch of the features as well) in this WordPress space instead (the only … Continue reading The Game Plan


Enough hemming and hawing: I’ve decided, after all, to start doing occasional postings in this space again. There’s currently an outstanding bill to pay in order to maintain the rockcritics archives, which part of me (a big part of me) is loathe to even consider shelling out for. It’s not a huge bill, by any means, but big enough to make a small dent in … Continue reading 2013

Envisioning a future, or not

Lost my way with this site again recently, for a whole host of reasons, but activity will pick up somewhat in 2012. There are two, possibly three, imminent podcast interviews in the works, and hopefully a few others as the year progresses. Beyond that, it’s hard to say. I’m having the same internal arguments I had the previous two Januarys regarding the viability of continuing … Continue reading Envisioning a future, or not