“Fear of Everything”

So of course I always thought Talking Heads were about the individual human units (ha!—and fuck you, Fripp) response to cybernation, depersonalization, the effect of corporate consciousness on individual identity, all those great contemporary questions nobody can seem to come up with any real or workable answers for. Richard Hell was about the same thing on a darker, more hermetically selfenclosed/obsessed/possessed level, in fact the … Continue reading “Fear of Everything”

Pet Shop Boys vs. Rock Critics (1986)

“When the subject of critics arose, Tennant just laughed. ‘I love to give them a hard time,’ he said in an interview here. ‘In America, I proudly go around and say to these critics that we’re a disco group. I know they hate disco. We kind of rub their faces in it. ‘I don’t like the way they turn up their noses at dance music. … Continue reading Pet Shop Boys vs. Rock Critics (1986)

Beatles Invade American Newspapers, Feb 1964

Beatles Welcomed to US by 2,000 Screaming Fans (The Milwaukee Journal – Feb 7, 1964) ‘Yeah, Yeah,’ Fans Screech as Beatles Hit the Beach (St. Petersburg Times – Feb 17, 1964) Home Lauds Beatles Aid: Calls It New Kind of Diplomacy (Toledo Blade – Feb 16, 1964) Rockin’ Beatles Roll In Today (The Miami News – Feb 13, 1964) Beatle Hater Fighting for Past (The … Continue reading Beatles Invade American Newspapers, Feb 1964

On Rock Criticism’s “Peculiar Aesthetic”

“Rock in particular has had a rough time of it. First, there is an awful lot of money to be made on such peripheral things as The Illustrated Beatles (a marvellous compendium of 20th Century graphics, but hardly a revealing analysis), and second, there is a peculiar aesthetic prevalent among rock critics. For example, Richard Goldstein has a strong aversion to the analysis of Jimi … Continue reading On Rock Criticism’s “Peculiar Aesthetic”