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  1. Critical Collage: M.I.A.

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    January 29, 2013 by admin

    An M.I.A. collage I found following the release of 2010’s Maya (more colloquially known as /\/\ /\ Y /). Not …
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  2. Richard Hamilton

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    September 15, 2011 by admin

    Bryan Ferry on the recently deceased Richard Hamilton, one of the founders of “pop”: I was fortunate to be taught …
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  3. For Your Viewing Pleasure: Rock Dreams

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    July 22, 2011 by admin

    Someone on Flickr scanned Nik Cohn and Guy Peelaert’s brilliant seventies book, Rock Dreams.

  4. Manna for the Inner Man

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    June 24, 2011 by admin

  5. “Top Music Critic”

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    June 22, 2011 by admin

    A gorgeous response to Christgau on Lady Gaga.

  6. From Incidental Comics…

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    June 8, 2011 by admin

    Ode to an Aging Rock Critic

  7. Wordles wobble but they don’t fall down

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    November 27, 2009 by admin

    I am suddenly and irrationally obsessed with “wordles.” See the post below (from Nov. 11) called “Architectonic.” Now see the …
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