Envisioning a future, or not

Lost my way with this site again recently, for a whole host of reasons, but activity will pick up somewhat in 2012. There are two, possibly three, imminent podcast interviews in the works, and hopefully a few others as the year progresses. Beyond that, it’s hard to say. I’m having the same internal arguments I had the previous two Januarys regarding the viability of continuing … Continue reading Envisioning a future, or not

Rock Critics and “Teen Girl Adoration”

In response to a question posed on Tom Ewing’s (?) Tumblr — “why didn’t rock critics go harder for MCR?” (a.k.a. My Chemical Romance) — Maura Johnston (?)* writes: Teen girl adoration, as Matthew noted, is deadly for any band that wants to be taken seriously by males above the age of, say, 13. You’re not serious, you’re too emotional/heart-on-sleeve, your looks are too much … Continue reading Rock Critics and “Teen Girl Adoration”

Write Me a Tag Line!

I’ve been starting to wonder if our tag line, “rock critics talking to, about,  and with each other” is ready for retirement. It’s a statement less of purpose, I think, than of dreams unfulfilled (and maybe I’m just a little sick of it). Here’s a few I’ve been toying with lately: Rockcritics.com: Where Rock Criticism Comes to Die Rockcritics.com: More Than a Decade of Pretending … Continue reading Write Me a Tag Line!