New Blogs of Note: Freedberg and Williams

Recently updated the blog roll on the right hand side with two folks I’m happy to see with an updated online presence: the pioneering disco/dance critic Michael (a.k.a. D.D.) Freedberg is reprinting a bunch of his reviews from the (now defunct) Boston Phoenix, among other things, including politics the pioneering, Roxy-discovering British critic, Richard Williams, is blogging at length about music at The Blue Moment … Continue reading New Blogs of Note: Freedberg and Williams

Chuck blogs

Added a couple new blogs to the sidebar, both courtesy of Hall of Fame inductee, Chuck Eddy: Next Little Things is hosted by Idolator, and is described thusly: “Each week, dozens of songs and albums from up-and-coming (or just plain unknown) bands debut on the world’s music charts. Some of these bands will never be heard from again; some may become the next little … Continue reading Chuck blogs

The End of Criticism?

Steven Rubio has an interesting post up about the Rhapsody music service, its association with Robert Christgau, and the venom (four pages of it) spewed by Rhapsody-subscribing assholes readers about Christgau, and about music criticism in general. “As you read through the messages, it becomes clear that it’s not just Xgau that the writers hate. They hate the very idea of criticism. Note the problem … Continue reading The End of Criticism?

Blog Ketchup

A few blogs have been on my radar lately: Bart Bull has a blog, entitled Bart Bull, with lots of reprints of his stuff from Spin and Details. Two interesting notes on his sidebar: 1) he claims to have “founded first American xeroxpunk fanzine, Browbeat, in 1977″ (is this true? was it really the first?); and 2) he generously quotes an unnamed Creem writer who once called him, “The only … Continue reading Blog Ketchup