Eddy (and his immortalized dreck!) reviewed

Rev. Keith A. Gordon in Blurt Online: “Eddy’s critical flights of fancy notwithstanding, he’s a solid writer of no little wit and humor, and if we readers (such as yours truly) can agree to disagree on some of the dreck that he immortalizes in Rock And Roll Always Forgets, we can all find middle ground. As music critics go, Chuck Eddy has always been a … Continue reading Eddy (and his immortalized dreck!) reviewed

The Seger Connection

Randall Roberts (Los Angeles Times) reviews RARAF: Eddy’s work is compiled in Rock and Roll Always Forgets: A Quarter Century of Music Criticism, a career overview whose very title is contrarian: The writer’s got a problem with the premise of Bob Seger’s hit song “Rock and Roll Never Forgets.” He offers evidence with the lost artists, one-hit wonders, egocentric blowhards and various inspired eccentrics that … Continue reading The Seger Connection

KT on CE

Ken Tucker reviews Chuck Eddy’s new tome (Entertainment Weekly) How glad I am to see the publication of Eddy’s new song(s) of himself Rock and Roll Always Forgets: A Quarter Century of Music Criticism (Duke University Press). Glad, first, because it’s truly a representative selection, tracing the slithery paths of Eddy’s enthusiasms from Marilyn Manson to Mindy McCready just to stick with the ‘M’s, with … Continue reading KT on CE

BookForum Critical Geek Alert

Simon Reynolds points towards the index of the latest BookForum, which contains his twin review of Chuck Eddy’s RARAF and Marcus’s upcoming Doors book (not to mention that the same issue also contains a review of James Wolcott’s upcoming memoir and a piece on Dwight MacDonald — of these, only the MacDonald piece is available online) (but yeah: critical geek alert, for sure). I will … Continue reading BookForum Critical Geek Alert

Rough Index to EddyFest, 2011 (Part three)

Final quotes and discussion points from EddyFest 2011 (Weingarten/Kogan) [CHRISTOPHER WEINGARTEN] CE: “What’s weird about Accidental — and it seems like a lot of people like Accidental more than Stairway now — this is a tangent, but — Accidental, a lot of those lists, it’s proto-ILM [a.k.a. I Love Music]. To me it kind of decreases its value over time, it’s just like, ‘oh, I … Continue reading Rough Index to EddyFest, 2011 (Part three)