Chuck Eddy Triptych

A twin feature from the Los Angeles Review of Books: King of the Contrarians: Josh Langhoff introduces Chuck Eddy, the man with more voice per square inch than any other rock critic, and Michaelangelo Matos finds out what makes him tick. Also, in PopMatters: Chuck Eddy Will Piss You Off with ‘Rock and Roll Always Forgets’ by W. Scott Poole Continue reading Chuck Eddy Triptych

BookForum Critical Geek Alert

Simon Reynolds points towards the index of the latest BookForum, which contains his twin review of Chuck Eddy’s RARAF and Marcus’s upcoming Doors book (not to mention that the same issue also contains a review of James Wolcott’s upcoming memoir and a piece on Dwight MacDonald — of these, only the MacDonald piece is available online) (but yeah: critical geek alert, for sure). I will … Continue reading BookForum Critical Geek Alert

Rough Index to EddyFest, 2011 (Part three)

Final quotes and discussion points from EddyFest 2011 (Weingarten/Kogan) [CHRISTOPHER WEINGARTEN] CE: “What’s weird about Accidental — and it seems like a lot of people like Accidental more than Stairway now — this is a tangent, but — Accidental, a lot of those lists, it’s proto-ILM [a.k.a. I Love Music]. To me it kind of decreases its value over time, it’s just like, ‘oh, I … Continue reading Rough Index to EddyFest, 2011 (Part three)

Rough Index to EddyFest, 2011 (Part one)

Some discussion points, cool one-offs, and funny/enlightening quotes from part one (Dellio/Raggett/Soto) of EddyFest 2011, in order of appearance. This is a supplement to the podcast, not by any means a full-on summary, and it was compiled in fast-forward mode (in other words, it’s pretty much a given that several key discussion points are passed over;  it’s really just a transcript of comments easily translatable … Continue reading Rough Index to EddyFest, 2011 (Part one)

EddyFest 2011

In which eight rock critics, all Chuck Eddy fans, ask Chuck Eddy questions about (among other things) his new anthology, Rock and Roll Always Forgets: A Quarter Century of Music Criticism (on Duke University Press, in stores soon). A exclusive, recorded on Sunday, July 31, now available here as a three-part podcast, with each episode running a little over an hour. Enjoy! (And thanks … Continue reading EddyFest 2011

Dollar-bin Aesthetics

“And now, alive for a half-century, somehow weathering an increasingly bleak and unlikely to recover rock-writing doldrums wherein fewer and fewer paying publications have any interest in publishing criticism that isn’t phoned in, I can honestly say that I’m as excited about listening to music as I’ve ever been. Austin is an amazing mythical land of awesome $1 vinyl bins and garage sales and record … Continue reading Dollar-bin Aesthetics

Early review of new Chuck Eddy compilation

First review I’ve seen posted online, anyway. By Wilson Knut. Sample: “I liked [the section’ ‘Singles Again and Again’ because it’s such a great education in music history. In ‘Radio ’86: Dead Air,’ Eddy writes ‘Rock’n’roll radio has never been as boring as it’s been this year. Not in the middle ‘70s, not in the early ‘60s, not ever.’ He goes on to explain. By … Continue reading Early review of new Chuck Eddy compilation

Steven Ward’s bookshelf contributing editor, Steven Ward, chatted with me recently about a few of his favourite music books, including: Kurt Loder’s Bat Chain Puller: Rock and Roll in the Age of Celebrity Timothy White’s Rock Lives: Profiles and Interviews Chuck Eddy’s Stairway to Hell: The 500 Best Heavy Metal Albums in the Universe Stephen Davis’s Hammer of the Gods: The Led Zeppelin Saga Mick Wall’s When … Continue reading Steven Ward’s bookshelf