Nina Hagen vs. Journey

But I hedged my bet right from the beginning too, and kept my day job at the welfare department all the way through, as I was a family man and it provided regular income and medical coverage, etc. That job also gave me another kind of coverage, as a rock critic, as since my writing didn’t furnish my primary income, I could be very choosy … Continue reading Nina Hagen vs. Journey

Disco Bubblegum

“There are many substantial reasons for linking disco with bubblegum; the comparisons, endless. Like [Kasenetz and Katz]‘s clapping sound, Euro- and pop-disco are essentially mediums for a producer’s special sound, whereas the performer’s role remains secondary. Disco combines a constant beat with simple lyrics; like bubblegum’s skip-a-rope dynamics, its function is strictly to provide rhythms for people entangles in the exercise of dance. Furthermore, many … Continue reading Disco Bubblegum

Creem Magazine Review (YouTube)

Less a review, than a tribute, but not bad (there’s no info I can see about who made the thing). There are a couple minor factual quibbles, and it’s a little odd that he quotes stuff from Christgau and Marsh that have no connection to Creem. But a couple lines in it made me laugh (“these were some dead honest, music-lovin’ motherfuckers”), and I learned … Continue reading Creem Magazine Review (YouTube)

Carola Dibbell on Fiction and Music Writing

An interview with Carola Dibbell at Black Clock: BLACK CLOCK: You wrote rock criticism on and off for thirty years and have spoken before about the leakage between fiction and music writing. Can you explain what you mean by that? What role has music played in your fiction? CAROLA DIBBELL: In the early seventies, I was surprised and impressed by the rock writing in Dave … Continue reading Carola Dibbell on Fiction and Music Writing

Susan Whitall interview

At Music Monday, the first of a two-part interview with Susan Whitall, former Creemster and current author of Fever, a biography of Little Willie John. Keep your eye out for part two, apparently a week from now. Growing up in the ’60s, music was really revolutionizing society, and vice versa…to be a kid and immersed in it to such an extent that the latest Beatles … Continue reading Susan Whitall interview

More on Nu-Creem

Rock Chronicle Inspires Battle Over Its Legacy, by James C. McKinley Jr., NYT. For five years, Mr. Matheu said, he struggled to get Creem off the ground again. He started an online edition, hired freelance writers and assembled an archive of back issues. But the enterprise never made a profit. “We were doing all of it without any advertising support,” Mr. Matheu said. “I continued … Continue reading More on Nu-Creem

Nu-Creem: D.O.A.?

Will Jilted Filmmakers Hinder Re-Launch of Fabled Creem Magazine? (via Anthony Kaufman’s ReelPolitik) “Turns out the man behind the new Creem, with a planned circulation of 150,000-200,000 and a broader music network, including mobile apps and streaming videos, is Jason Turner, a much reviled figure in the indie film world. “As reported in indieWIRE in 2008, Turner was once the head of a company called … Continue reading Nu-Creem: D.O.A.?