On the Firing of Owen Gleiberman from Entertainment Weekly

Matt Zoller Seitz mourns the loss and assesses the damage: What really depresses me about Owen’s firing isn’t just that a fine writer got axed from a magazine that he helped define. It’s that the journalism industry, if you can even call it that anymore, is unwilling or unable to support writers like Owen, or Lisa [Schwarzbaum], or… I was about to list other critics … Continue reading On the Firing of Owen Gleiberman from Entertainment Weekly

Free is Just Another Word

A Public Service Announcement from Barney Hoskyns: STOP WORKING FOR FREE. Calling all freelance content providers (musicians, writers, actors, photographers, designers etc): Join me in WITHDRAWING UNPAID LABOUR from the creative and media industries. The exploitation of freelance content providers has gone on too long, and we are all responsible for letting it happen. Please do not: • Write, act, photograph or design for free … Continue reading Free is Just Another Word

Nina Hagen vs. Journey

But I hedged my bet right from the beginning too, and kept my day job at the welfare department all the way through, as I was a family man and it provided regular income and medical coverage, etc. That job also gave me another kind of coverage, as a rock critic, as since my writing didn’t furnish my primary income, I could be very choosy … Continue reading Nina Hagen vs. Journey

Maura Johnston’s Digital ‘Zine

Interview with Maura Johnston regarding her new online venture, Maura Magazine. I really wanted to see if this model would work. I’ve been on the Internet for 20 years. I started doing Web stuff in 1994 and I always loved that you could find weird stuff — boutiques interests that people just wanted to put on the Web. And I feel like with the push … Continue reading Maura Johnston’s Digital ‘Zine

The Critical Economy (correspondence from Richard Riegel)

Richard Riegel writes: “I’m really impressed with Jennifer Szalai’s review of a collection of Dwight Macdonald’s criticism, in the December 12 issue of The Nation, the paper version of which I still subscribe to. It’s a good discussion about Macdonald himself, and his concepts of ‘Midcult’ and ‘Masscult,’ but Szalai’s comments about the current state of criticism are even better for our purposes. She’s talking … Continue reading The Critical Economy (correspondence from Richard Riegel)