Friday 5 (5/9/14)

1. Dorian Gray (2009, dir. Oliver Parker) – Humourless, straining-towards-art version of the Wilde classic, momentarily redeemed by the growling portrait which provides a couple genuine chills. 2. Ornette Coleman – Body Meta, Of Human Feelings, Free Jazz – My crusade continues (cf. last week’s entry). Like Richard Dreyfuss sketching mountains in Close Encounters of the Third Kind I can’t put this stuff down any … Continue reading Friday 5 (5/9/14)

Friday 8 (5/2/14)

Ornette Coleman Week: 1. Body Meta 2. Complete Science Fiction Session 3. Dancing in Your Head 4. Skies of America 5. John Rockwell, “Ornette Coleman” chapter in All American Music Can’t say anything half-intelligent about the Ornette binge, really. When Christgau ranked Of Human Feelings his #1 album of 1982, I got a copy from the library, tried to convince myself it was as good … Continue reading Friday 8 (5/2/14)

Friday 8 (4/4/14)

1. Fuzzy, “Flashlight” – One of those “there-are-a-million-other-punks-songs-just-like-this-and-none-of-them-are-bad” type of songs. 2. Zombies, “She’s Not There” in commercial for Coco Mademoiselle Channel – An art director’s wet dream, and a pop fan’s too (I haven’t stopped thinking of the song all week, and I crane my neck from the kitchen to catch a glimpse every time it comes on TV). 3. Laurie Spiegel, “Patchwork” 4. Beach … Continue reading Friday 8 (4/4/14)

Friday 6 (3/28/14)

1. Philip Glass, “Music With Changing Parts” – Barely. 2. Ekehard Ehlers “Plays Cornelius Cardew (Part 2)” – A serene racket. 3. Paul McCartney & Wings, Band on the Run 4. James Elkins, What Happened to Art Criticism – The idea being that I will find out what went wrong with art criticism before I really understand what was ever right with art criticism, though … Continue reading Friday 6 (3/28/14)