Friday Six (1/17/14)

Stuff I managed to remember from this week’s (extremely scattershot) play- and watch-lists. 1. “American Pickers” episode with Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, selling off old guitar cases and a band t-shirt from Budokan (sometimes on a Sunday morning you stumble upon the oddest things). 2. Eminem, “Lose Yourself” – Mea Culpa: this song did little for me at the time, but persistent radio re-play … Continue reading Friday Six (1/17/14)

Friday Eleven (1/10/14)

A selective inventory of the past week — good, bad, indifferent, etc. 1. Moby, “Move (You Make Me Feel So Good)” + parts of his Best Of (“Go,” Anthem,” “Feeling So Real”) — All the uptempo, ravey, transcendence-as-a-cosmic-joke stuff. 2. Brandy Clark, “Pray to Jesus” – But none of the fast stuff from her album, I don’t think. 3. Prince, “Something in the Water Does … Continue reading Friday Eleven (1/10/14)