As I noted in an earlier post, I’ve been working away at some other projects recently, one of which I quietly launched a week or so ago–the online archives of Greil Marcus. It’s very much a work-in-progress, and just to be clear, it’s a blog (hosted by WordPress), as opposed to a website/database like In other words, it will be updated several times a … Continue reading

We All Feel a Little Bit Weird Sometimes

“The ‘old weird America’ phrase was created by the music writer Greil Marcus. I’m not his biggest fan… and my reaction is crystalized in this term, which he used to describe the world of the commercial recorded music exemplified by Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music, commercial recordings made between 1926 and 1931. What Marcus wants you to understand is that this music represents … Continue reading We All Feel a Little Bit Weird Sometimes

From the Archives: Greil Marcus Online Exchange (2002)

Online Exchange with Greil Marcus (April 2002) readers were invited to submit questions to music critic Greil Marcus, who sent his responses by e-mail. [2013 note: this exchange is included in the Joe Bonomo-edited Conversations With Greil Marcus. More info here.]  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – > >From: Tonya > >Subject: Question for Greil > … Continue reading From the Archives: Greil Marcus Online Exchange (2002)

Marcus in Conversation Reviewed

Greg Cwik in PopMatters is less wowed by Marcus the conversationalist than by Marcus the writer: “Marcus talks about his initial involvement with FSM [Free Speech Movement], his waning interest, and, as seen above, his eventual disillusion, but none of this is told fervidly. It’s maybe the most revealing of the interviews in the collection, though it sometimes drags. Seeing Marcus in the context of … Continue reading Marcus in Conversation Reviewed

Conversation with Joe Bonomo, Editor of ‘Conversations with Greil Marcus’

Last October, the University Press of Mississippi released Conversations With Greil Marcus, edited by Joe Bonomo and featuring 14 interviews with Marcus, from 1981 to 2010 (including, I’m pleased to say, the Online Exchange conducted at back in 2002). There’s more information about the book on Bonomo’s website, No such Thing As Was, and he was kind enough to answer a few quick e-mail … Continue reading Conversation with Joe Bonomo, Editor of ‘Conversations with Greil Marcus’

Marcus interview in the Voice

Greil Marcus Revisits Some Strange Days: Jason Bailey interviews GM in the Voice, on the eve of his upcoming Doors book: ‘Look at the iPhone,’ he says, picking it up from next to him on the couch in his crisply decorated, sun-soaked West Village apartment. ‘You know, it’s good looking…’ He pushes the button at the bottom, and his home screen pops up. ‘I mean, … Continue reading Marcus interview in the Voice