Do You Have What it Takes?

Requirements to Become a Music Critic

“Although there is no formal path to becoming a music critic, several qualities are needed to become an outstanding one. An ability to communicate abstract sounds and emotions successfully is a must, as well as the willingness to write largely for exposure in the beginning. Musical talent is not required, but an understanding of the technical side comes in handy. Since journalism is not always a lucrative field, critics must also consistently find ways to supplement their incomes.”

Emphasis mine.

Writers Wanted for Beatles Book

Sean Egen writes:

I may soon be editing an anthology of writing about the Beatles.

Have you had published any articles on the Beatles or related subjects (e.g., post-Beatle activities of former Beatles)? If so, I would be interested in seeing them with a view to publishing them. The subject can be anything to do with the Fab Four: their music, their films, their cultural importance, their image, their history, etc. though I’m not too interested in their private lives except where it impacts on their art. I’m particularly interested in
‘first-hand anecdote’: articles with input from people who dealt directly with The Beatles. I’m also perfectly happy to consider Beatles-debunking articles and articles skeptical of their achievements.

As well as published journalism, extracts from books — whether in print or out of print — are welcome. So are verbatim interview transcriptions with Beatles or Beatle-associates/relatives/friends/lovers (interviews can be published or unpublished).

Articles can be of any vintage and any length, although extremely short pieces wouldn’t be too useful for my purposes.

Please e-mail them to me as a Word file or a text file, stating where and when the article was originally published. Obviously, I can’t promise to print it, but everything will be given serious consideration. If you don’t hear back from me, it’s because I have decided not to use it. If I do want to use it, I will get back to you to discuss terms.

Please also at the same time let me know what the copyright situation is with regard to the article(s). Will I need to obtain permission from the magazine that first printed it or did you retain re-use rights? No problem if the former, but I need to know for legal and practical reasons. It would also be helpful if you could let me know if in the case of you not retaining re-use rights whether you had an arrangement with the relevant magazine whereby you would receive a cut of the proceeds from any resale they managed to engineer.