Correcting Lillian

I met Lillian when I was about sixteen. She had just published The Rock Encyclopedia, and I devoured it, read it cover to cover. This was pre Creem, and almost all there was for music junkies was Hit Parader, Teen Beat, and 16 Magazine. So of course I bought her book. And corrected it. The spirit of the book was wonderful, but the facts were all askew, and for a … Continue reading Correcting Lillian

Purchase of the Week

Lillian Roxon, Mother of Rock by Robert Milliken. Mint, used, $4.95. (I never saw a copy of this when it was new, would happily have purchased a copy then.) I believe there are now three count-’em-three biographies about rock critics? (Not including former rock critics who became better known as musicians, i.e., Patti Smith.) Roxon, Paul Nelson, and Bangs — the only ones I know … Continue reading Purchase of the Week

What About Roxon?

Two people have e-mailed me recently, saying, in effect, “what about Lillian Roxon”? Clearly, this is in response to all the stuff I’ve been posting about Ellen Willis, and I guess there is a kind of meme floating about that Willis is the first (or let’s say the first significant) “female rock critic.” Weird that people are mentioning this to me, given that I’ve avoided … Continue reading What About Roxon?