Sweet, Green Icing

“MacArthur Park” (not “MacArthur’s”, as [Richard] Harris insisted on singing) is a dreamy, musically complex, highly impressionistic song about Webb’s break-up with his girlfriend. The lyrics contain some unforgettable metaphors for loneliness and shattered dreams, including a cake left out in the rain — an image that a lot of people seem to find either hilarious or bewildering. In 1992, columnist Dave Barry asked his … Continue reading Sweet, Green Icing

On the fundamental pleasure of hating stuff

A regular reader suggested this might make for appropriate/interesting reading: Why I Hate the National – And how I decided it’s OK to hate the bands that I hate. By Carl Wilson, Slate In the end, it simply seems too repressive and stultifying to demand that we give up entirely on the fundamental pop pleasure of taking a side. Too often that instinct has manifested itself … Continue reading On the fundamental pleasure of hating stuff