Andrew Sarris R.I.P.

“I must say I enjoyed even the music enormously, possibly because I have not yet been traumatized by transistors into open rebellion against the ‘top 40′ and such. (I just heard ‘Hello, Dolly’ for the first time the other day, and the lyrics had been changed to ‘Hello, Lyndon.’) Nevertheless I think there is a tendency to underrate rock ‘n’ roll because the lyrics look … Continue reading Andrew Sarris R.I.P.

I Wonder What Kael Thought?

Steven Rubio: I saw Pauline Kael give a talk once, back in the spring of 1976, when she had just begun her latest six-month “vacation” from The New Yorker. She spoke for awhile, maybe half an hour, I can’t recall. Her topic was masculinity in movies, and she might have recalled her still-fresh essay on Cary Grant, although again, my memory isn’t much good for … Continue reading I Wonder What Kael Thought?

Elwy Yost, R.I.P.

He’ll only be recognized here, I suspect, by Canadian movie lovers, but his impact can’t be dismissed: for 25 years, from 1974-1999, he hosted TV Ontario’s “Saturday Night at the Movies,” a showcase for so many classic, brilliant films of all genres and eras and persuasions (during the ’80s, especially, I practically had my VCR set on automatic record every Saturday night at 8:00). Jay … Continue reading Elwy Yost, R.I.P.

Kael vs. Adler Revisited

From New York magazine, August 11, 1980 The rest of [Adler’s] essay is consumed with relentless, lawyerly citations of Kael’s alleged critical sins, argued with the fervor of a causist possessed. A 1979 graduate of Yale Law School, the 41-year-old reporter laboured on the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment staff and secretly wrote speeches for Chairman Rodino. Kael, in a sense, became her Nixon. Continue reading Kael vs. Adler Revisited

Kael’s ‘Hooked’ Revisited in NYT

Dwight Garner revisits Kael’s Hooked (which he panned 22 years ago upon release). Pauline Kael died 10 years ago this summer, only a few days before 9/11; most remembrances of her were lost in the haze and fury. I’ve been thinking about Kael a lot recently, missing her bawdy and crackling voice, wondering what she’d say if she were alive to weigh in on, say, … Continue reading Kael’s ‘Hooked’ Revisited in NYT