podcast interview with jeff pike (@ new digs)

As I slowly step away from this site (…), I have decided to start hosting my podcasts and audio excursions in a new WordPress space: and you can dance to it. How active this mostly-talk site becomes depends on how willing anyone is to talk to me (and how actively I pursue other people talking to me; I do currently have a few conversations lined … Continue reading podcast interview with jeff pike (@ new digs)

Interview with Richard Goldstein

“One must always remember that girls discovered Elvis — little girls discovered Elvis, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. And they did not discover Dylan, interestingly enough. I don’t know whether that’s their fault, or Dylan’s.” – Richard Goldstein “Who was the first?” continues apace as one of the more boring and unanswerable questions regarding rock criticism, but if anyone can rightly claim the title, … Continue reading Interview with Richard Goldstein

Richard Goldstein releases memoir

Richard Goldstein, one of the founders of rock criticism, has recently published his memoir, Another Little Piece of My Heart. Planning to read it soon, with followup to come on this site, but in the meantime, there’s a very entertaining live interview with Goldstein at Word magazine. (Main page of Word podcasts is here; direct Goldstein link here.) Also: If you’re in New York, Strand … Continue reading Richard Goldstein releases memoir

Robert Christgau: He Needs Us, We Need Him (podcast)

Join Phil Dellio, Steven Rubio, and myself as we spend two hours gabbing about Robert Christgau and his recently published memoir, Going Into the City: Portrait of a Critic as a Young Man. Not surprisingly — given how these things usually go — City is a springboard for a wide-ranging conversation that also delves into the Consumer Guide and Christgau’s influence in general, along with … Continue reading Robert Christgau: He Needs Us, We Need Him (podcast)

Steely Dan podcast, part three

For the third installment of our conversation about Steeleye Spam Dan, Vic Perry and I are joined on the line by Alfred Soto (who you may recall from previous long-winded podcast adventures) to examine the most-disagreed-upon SD release of all, 1980’s Gaucho. Largely dismissed as too-slick for its own good by punk- and post-punk-obsessed critics, Gaucho has, in more recent years, come to be considered … Continue reading Steely Dan podcast, part three

Steely Dan podcast, part one

Writer Vic Perry joins me for an in-depth discussion of critically acclaimed seventies weirdos—coincidentally, one of the most popular bands of their time—Steely Dan. Our first conversation (an economical two-hours-and-20-minutes) has us sharing our personal Steely Dan histories, top ten song lists, and rankings of the phase one (1972-80) LPs. To keep it manageable, I’ve broken the conversation into seven parts. PART 1: I recall … Continue reading Steely Dan podcast, part one

Pet Shop Boys, Critically (5)

Here’s the third in our series of PSB podcasts. This time Alfred Soto and I are joined by Ned Raggett to discuss Pet Shop b-sides, which leads into a discussion of: PSB’s Alternative (their double-disc b-sides collection); Sonic Youth vs. Pet Shop Boys; Diane Warren; Mick Jagger; Simon Reynolds… and much, much more! LISTEN PART ONE PART TWO PART THREE PART FOUR (Or download part … Continue reading Pet Shop Boys, Critically (5)

Pet Shop Boys, Critically (1)

As a follow-up to our lengthy series of conversations (in 2010 and earlier this year) about Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry, Alfred Soto and I embark on a similar excursion into all things Pet Shop Boys. Over a series of who-knows-how-many discussions, we will delve into the music and the guiding aesthetic behind our mutually-agreed-upon favourite synth-pop duo of all time (better than Erasure, better … Continue reading Pet Shop Boys, Critically (1)