Steely Dan podcast, part one

Writer Vic Perry joins me for an in-depth discussion of critically acclaimed seventies weirdos—coincidentally, one of the most popular bands of their time—Steely Dan. Our first conversation (an economical two-hours-and-20-minutes) has us sharing our personal Steely Dan histories, top ten song lists, and rankings of the phase one (1972-80) LPs. To keep it manageable, I’ve broken the conversation into seven parts. PART 1: I recall … Continue reading Steely Dan podcast, part one

Pet Shop Boys, Critically (5)

Here’s the third in our series of PSB podcasts. This time Alfred Soto and I are joined by Ned Raggett to discuss Pet Shop b-sides, which leads into a discussion of: PSB’s Alternative (their double-disc b-sides collection); Sonic Youth vs. Pet Shop Boys; Diane Warren; Mick Jagger; Simon Reynolds… and much, much more! LISTEN PART ONE PART TWO PART THREE PART FOUR (Or download part … Continue reading Pet Shop Boys, Critically (5)

Pet Shop Boys, Critically (1)

As a follow-up to our lengthy series of conversations (in 2010 and earlier this year) about Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry, Alfred Soto and I embark on a similar excursion into all things Pet Shop Boys. Over a series of who-knows-how-many discussions, we will delve into the music and the guiding aesthetic behind our mutually-agreed-upon favourite synth-pop duo of all time (better than Erasure, better … Continue reading Pet Shop Boys, Critically (1)

RC Podcast #3: This is You, Isn’t It?

LISTEN Artists/Critics/Voices: Velvet Underground, Bill James, CFRB 1010, Rob Ford, DJ Shoe, Icona Pop, Pet Shop Boys, Wild Palms, Beastie Boys, Chris Heath, Frank Zappa, Nick Lowe, Nelly Furtado, Sam Ervin, Chris Farley, Rolling Stones, Animal House, Kraftwerk, Plastikman, Electronic, The Manchurian Candidate, Lindstrom & Todd Terje, Laurel & Hardy Continue reading RC Podcast #3: This is You, Isn’t It?

RC Podcast #2: The Streets You Crossed

The second RC Podcast, a tribute to Lou Reed (though with more music not by Lou than by Lou) could charitably be called some kind of technical disaster (second half, especially), but you can’t say it’s an unambitious technical disaster (and some of it came out pretty good, anyway). Apologies to Lillian Roxon for drowning her words. LISTEN ARTISTS/CRITICS: Lou Reed/Velvet Underground, Four Seasons, Shangri-Las, … Continue reading RC Podcast #2: The Streets You Crossed