RC Podcast #4: A to B

Dichotic: “involving or relating to the simultaneous stimulation of the right and left ear by different sounds.” LISTEN Voices: Andy Warhol, Leonard Cohen, Dr. Dre, The-Dream, Chic, Bruce Springsteen, Ciara, Imogen Heap, Casey Kasem, Kate Bush, Spiritualized   Continue reading RC Podcast #4: A to B

RC Podcast #3: This is You, Isn’t It?

LISTEN Artists/Critics/Voices: Velvet Underground, Bill James, CFRB 1010, Rob Ford, DJ Shoe, Icona Pop, Pet Shop Boys, Wild Palms, Beastie Boys, Chris Heath, Frank Zappa, Nick Lowe, Nelly Furtado, Sam Ervin, Chris Farley, Rolling Stones, Animal House, Kraftwerk, Plastikman, Electronic, The Manchurian Candidate, Lindstrom & Todd Terje, Laurel & Hardy Continue reading RC Podcast #3: This is You, Isn’t It?

RC Podcast #2: The Streets You Crossed

The second RC Podcast, a tribute to Lou Reed (though with more music not by Lou than by Lou) could charitably be called some kind of technical disaster (second half, especially), but you can’t say it’s an unambitious technical disaster (and some of it came out pretty good, anyway). Apologies to Lillian Roxon for drowning her words. LISTEN ARTISTS/CRITICS: Lou Reed/Velvet Underground, Four Seasons, Shangri-Las, … Continue reading RC Podcast #2: The Streets You Crossed

RC Podcast #1

For a long time I’ve wanted to get a college radio show, which would combine music and talk with a heavy dose of critic-related content as well. Given that the likelihood of acquiring such a show is unbelievably slim, I decided to just create my own live podcast (not transmitted live, obviously, but recorded in one take, with no post-production). Here’s the first episode. It’s … Continue reading RC Podcast #1

RoxyMania! Re-Turned/Re-Tuned

Back in January 2010, Alfred Soto and I embarked on a multi-part, many-hours discussion of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music. Well, three years and two Bryan Ferry projects later, we’re back at it, this time joined by fellow music writer (and Roxy/Ferry enthusiast) Ned Raggett. The three of us spend most of the following 85-minute podcast (spliced into three sections) chatting about The Jazz Age, the newly released CD containing Roxy and Ferry covers, performed not by Bryan Ferry (who appears to be but a spectral presence overlooking the entire thing) but rather, by an entity called The Bryan Ferry Orchestra. As well, we take a couple brief detours into Ferry’s 2010 solo album, Olympia. Unremarkably, we lack not for banter.

Thanks, Alfred and Ned–I’m sure we’ll meet again.





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