Fusion Critics Poll, 1972

A friend sent me this, so I’m posting it, a little nervously… more fascinating archival material. Just one short comment: fairly delighted (and surprised) to see Pagliaro’s “Some Sing Some Dance” rank #6 on the Top 6 (!) singles list. To put this in some perspective, it apparently only needed three votes to attain that position. Still, we’re talking about a bilingual pop craftsman from … Continue reading Fusion Critics Poll, 1972

Jeff Pike’s Top 100 (+ 100 more)

Back in the ’90s, when pretty much whatever energy I still had left as a rock critic was being spilled into freebie fanzines, Jeff Pike’s Tapeworm was one of the funnest ones for me to write for. The premise was simple, and irresistible (and no doubt a wee bit quaint to anyone under the age of 30): contributors would compile a mix tape, write whatever … Continue reading Jeff Pike’s Top 100 (+ 100 more)