Lillian Roxon x 2

Two great Roxon-related finds on YouTube (neither of which I’ve yet seen, the first of which I absolutely intend to watch). Mother of Rock: The Life and Times of Lillian Roxon (Uploaded by TV Ontario, in its entirety, though apparently not viewable outside of Canada.)   Mother of Rock: USA Premiere – Producer’s comments + Q&A Continue reading Lillian Roxon x 2

Creem Magazine Review (YouTube)

Less a review, than a tribute, but not bad (there’s no info I can see about who made the thing). There are a couple minor factual quibbles, and it’s a little odd that he quotes stuff from Christgau and Marsh that have no connection to Creem. But a couple lines in it made me laugh (“these were some dead honest, music-lovin’ motherfuckers”), and I learned … Continue reading Creem Magazine Review (YouTube)

McLuhan on 45

Jon Savage in an April 2009 record roundup from his blog: Published the same month (March 1967) that The Velvet Underground and Nico was released, Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium Is The Message [sic] became an instant bestseller and has become a key text. Columbia Records quickly rushed out an LP of McLuhan and his colleagues Fiore and Jerome Agel reading selections from the book, which … Continue reading McLuhan on 45