Zappa (3)

“Zappalytes say things in reviews like: ‘OK, by this point the humour was getting a little oafish, and the endless tales of groupies and on the road a little stale, and yes, perhaps we can even detect a mouse-peep of misogyny here and there, but — WOWee ZOWee — check out the model decelension in the five-minute solo on ‘Limburger Corporation Wowser’; it’s about the … Continue reading Zappa (3)

Zappa (2)

So, let’s start at the very beginning. Typically, my Zappa fandom started all wrong, with this MGM Golden Archive Series compilation (the Velvets had one too, I think), a hand-me-down from my brother, and, for a time, a record I listened to quite frequently, if selectively (I played the shit out of “Wowie Zowie” and “Mother People” but don’t recall ever sitting through “I Ain’t … Continue reading Zappa (2)

Zappa (1)

Over the course of the next several months, I’m going to do something a little — how would Stephen Colbert say it? — detourey, and post a bunch of stuff about Frank Zappa. Although in fact, it won’t be entirely a detour; many of my posts will do one, or more than one, of the following: a) quote things written about Zappa by various rock … Continue reading Zappa (1)