Podcasts & Radio Shows

* Interview with Barbara Flaska, 2013 (re: Frank Zappa)

* RoxyMania! Re-Turned/Re-Tuned (Ned Raggett, Alfred Soto, and Scott Woods discuss The Bryan Ferry Orchestra)

* Kevin Avery, Steven Ward, and Scott Woods discuss Paul Nelson, 2011

* Phil Dellio and Scott Woods discuss their Facebook Top 100 lists, 2011

* Interview with Ned Raggett (Aug 2010) – Parts One, Two, Three, Four

* RoxyMania! (Alfred Soto and Scott Woods delve into the life’s work of Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry)

* Interview with producer/wedding DJ, Dave Newfeld, 2010 – 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b

* Eddyfest podcast: Chuck Eddy fields questions from eight critics (Hosted by Scott Woods, 2010)

* Interview with Nona Willis Aronowitz re: Ellen Willis (Scott Woods, 2010)

* CKLN tribute to Nerve magazine, w/Phil Dellio, Howard Druckman, Tim Powis, and Scott Woods (2010) – Parts One, Two, Three, Four

* Interview with Chuck Eddy re: his favourite record guides – Parts One, Two, Three

* Phil Dellio & Scott Woods pick their favourite music of the 00s (CKLN)

* David Cooper Moore, interviewed by Scott Woods (2009)

* Steven Ward‘s Bookshelf (Scott Woods, 2009)

* Talkin’ Beatles Books with author Tim Riley

* Scott Woods and Phil Dellio on the 2008 Election (CKLN in Toronto)

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