Original interviews from

(Note: this is a work in progress as I migrate the content currently stored in the rockcritics archives section, which is set to expire in January 2014.)

* Ned Raggett re: My Bloody Valentine (Scott Woods)
* Joe Bonomo re: Conversations with Marcus book (Scott Woods)

* Brad Tolinski (Steven Ward)
* Jonathan Bogart (Scott Woods)

* Jay Blakesberg (A.C. Rhodes)
* Laura Levine: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (Scott Woods)

* Mark Kemp (A.C. Rhodes)
* Dave DiMartino: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (A.C. Rhodes)
* Robert Matheu: Part 1, Part 2 (A.C. Rhodes)

* Bill Knight re: Rick Johnson (Scott Woods)
* Guitar Player feature introduction (Steven Ward)
* Guitar Player‘s Tom Wheeler (Steven Ward)
* Guitar Player‘s Jim Crockett (Steven Ward)
* Guitar Player‘s Steven Rosen (Steven Ward)
* Guitar Player‘s Jas Obrecht (Steven Ward)
* Guitar Player‘s Tom Mulhern (Steven Ward)
* Guitar Player‘s Joe Gore (Steven Ward)
* Guitar Player‘s James Rotondi (Steven Ward)
* Guitar Player‘s Michael Molenda (Steven Ward)
* Douglas Wolk (Steven Ward)

* Robert Christgau (readers of
* Rick Johnson (Andrew Lapointe)
* Michael Goldberg (Barbara Flaska)
* Nathan Brackett (Jason Gross)
* Deborah Frost (Steven Ward)
* Greg Kot (Andrew Lapointe)
* Everett True (Matthew Fritch)
* Sarah Zupko (Barbara Flaska)
* Jaan Uhelszki (Scott Woods)
* Alan Niester (Andrew Lapointe)
* Tom Carson (Steven Ward & Scott Woods)
* Greil Marcus (readers of
* Chuck Eddy (Steven Ward)
* Jim DeRogatis (II) (Steven Ward & Scott Woods)
* Jim DeRogatis (I) (Andrew Lapointe)
* Father Charley Crespo (Steven Ward)
* Alan Light (Steven Ward & Scott Woods)
* Gary Graff (Steven Ward)

* Don Kaye (Steven Ward)
* Robert Duncan (Steven Ward)
* Fred Schruers (Steven Ward)
* Milo Miles (Steven Ward)
* Joel Selvin (Barbara Flaska)
* Tom Moon (Steven Ward)
* Jon Pareles (Steven Ward)
* Mike Saunders (Scott Woods)
* glenn mcdonald (Steven Ward)
* Ira Robbins (Steven Ward)
* David Dalton (Steven Ward)
* Gina Arnold (Steven Ward)
* John Mendelssohn (Steven Ward)
* Paul Williams (Pat Thomas and Christoph Gurk)
* Richard Riegel (Steven Ward)
* Lester Bangs (1980 interview)
* Dave Marsh (Scott Woods)
* Charles M. Young (Steven Ward)
* Barney Hoskyns (Scott Woods & Gary Robertson)
* David McGee (Steven Ward)
* Ken Tucker (Steven Ward)

* Anthony DeCurtis (Steven Ward)
* Tom Smucker (Steven Ward)
* Stanley Booth (Steven Ward)
* Richard Meltzer (Scott Woods)
* Martin Popoff (Steven Ward)
* J.D. Considine (Steven Ward)
* Paul Nelson (Steven Ward)

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