My Lou Top 10 (Tim Powis)

By Tim Powis My Lou Top 10—well, not exactly. That would include “Sweet Jane” (the final, Loaded version), “Heroin,” “Pale Blue Eyes,” the usual stuff. Ho hum. Here’s a more idiosyncratic or at least, I hope, less obvious selection. 1. “Foggy Notion” – Some time around 1980 I bought a bootleg single of this unreleased Velvet Underground song, from 1969, and loved it immediately. Five … Continue reading My Lou Top 10 (Tim Powis)

Passing Thru Fire (and Hurricane Annie)

Tim Powis: My Interview With Lou Reed It wasn’t supposed to be me. Or, considering how things turned out, maybe it was. At any rate, the original plan was that my boss, Alida, would go to New York to interview Lou Reed for Arts & Minds, the Bravo program I’d begun working at two or three months before. This was early 2000. Lou had just … Continue reading Passing Thru Fire (and Hurricane Annie)

Review: Lou Reed bio by Anthony DeCurtis

“While [DeCurtis is] skillful at assembling the biographical building blocks that reward interest at a casual level, his book isn’t just short on dirt. It’s short on resonance, advocacy, identification, deep-dive cultural spelunking, provocative arguments, nuance, fervor, and everything else that sums up the difference between perspective and an actual point of view, particularly when the subject is an artist as gnarly and passion-provoking as … Continue reading Review: Lou Reed bio by Anthony DeCurtis