Music isn’t a science — it breathes and moves, it adjusts to its surroundings. We know that everyone wants to figure this out as quickly as possible, but that’s not the way to take in music, and an album release like this one just shows more clearly than ever how unhealthy the state of music really is. We are literally trying to review albums — … Continue reading Daft

Social Media Disco Saturation Night Fever

Internet Geeks and Freaks. By Virginia Heffernan, New York Times Opinionator. re: Social Media as Disco: “We haven’t seen anti-Internet riots yet, and we won’t. But there’s a palpable and potentially productive cultural antagonism around this summer, between those who use the Internet ardently and maybe somewhat compulsively, and those who rail against it, and worry that it distracts from more wholesome forms, including paper … Continue reading Social Media Disco Saturation Night Fever

I Saw God and/or Maxwell House

Music Listening, Writing, and Caffeine-Induced Psychosis-Like Symptoms Elliott Sharp drinks a lot of coffee, writes a lot of reviews, frets about the results: “My caffeine-intake always corresponds to both listening to and writing about music. I like to drink a few cups of coffee in the morning made with a recently acquired French press, and I go to a nearby coffee shop for a double … Continue reading I Saw God and/or Maxwell House