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  1. The ‘unobtanium age’


    January 2, 2016 by admin

    “We don’t live in the golden age of television. We don’t even live in the platinum age of television. Apparently …
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  2. On the “Pernicious Rise of Poptimism”


    April 4, 2014 by admin

    “Poptimism now not only demands devotion to pop idols; it has instigated an increasingly shrill shouting match with those who …
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  3. Loving A and Loving B


    October 25, 2013 by admin

    “My nephew went to Download Festival recently and saw Iron Maiden and also was in the D&B room, consuming all …
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  4. Today’s Deep Philosophical Inquiry


    October 25, 2013 by admin

    Obviously, dropping out is an integral move in rock criticism — some people exist in an almost permanent state of …
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  5. The Expert Witness Community


    October 1, 2013 by admin

    “For twenty years now, I’ve been telling the trainees who I teach and mentor that they should recognize that they …
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  6. Does Hatred Have a Place in Music Criticism Anymore?


    August 20, 2013 by admin

    Something I’ve been thinking about lately. Thoughts?

  7. Critics Are Strange


    May 21, 2013 by admin

    You know, I don’t care that most rock critics hate the Doors — I became a fan of their music …
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