Pop as a Sickness

“People sometimes ask why a serious, well-educated, intellectual fellow such as me wastes his time and enthusiasm on the most insignificant passing trends and the most contrived, trashy music he can find. And I don’t know what to say. I just can’t get into George Harrison, Seals & Crofts or even Van Morrison and the Band. I like that stuff, but it simply doesn’t excite … Continue reading Pop as a Sickness

From the Archives: John Kordosh (2004)

The Zen of John Kordosh: Inside the Hallowed Halls of ’80s Creem By Anthe Rhodes (May 2004) John Kordosh can blindside anyone with science or pop culture. He was Creem‘s quick-witted everyman who went willingly into those good and not so good nights with the full gamut of musicians. Kordosh, however, has followed a completely different career path than his counterparts. Starting out as a chemist for Dow … Continue reading From the Archives: John Kordosh (2004)

From the Archives: Steven Rosen (2003)

Steven Rosen gets his byline on By Steven Ward (September 2003) Veteran rock writer Steven Rosen has been traveling with musicians and profiling them–mostly guitarists–since the early ’70s. He has written for just about every rock publication under the sun. Here, Rosen reflects on five magazines that stand out to him. Rolling Stone Maybe the crowning jewel in my literary kingdom. I pitched them a story on Bad … Continue reading From the Archives: Steven Rosen (2003)

From the Archives: Jaan Uhelszki (2002)

Jaan Uhelszki: Confessions of a Former Subscription Kid By Scott Woods (April 2002) As one of Creem‘s senior Editors during the ’70s, Detroit native Jaan Uhelszki was an integral voice during that magazine’s most legendary phase. Uhelszki wrote various columns and dozens of reviews for Creem, though her real forte was the feature profile, in particular her interviews with what used to be disparagingly known as “third … Continue reading From the Archives: Jaan Uhelszki (2002)

From the Archives: Alan Niester (2002)

Creem’s Canadian Connection: Interview with Alan Niester By Andrew Lapointe (April 2002) Barbeques and weekend trips with Lester Bangs, dangerous encounters on Cass Avenue in Detroit, and the shenanigans of Richard Meltzer: These are just some of the memories rock critic Alan Niester has of Creem magazine. Niester is a native of Windsor, Ontario, but grew up with his eyes buried in the rock rags from the … Continue reading From the Archives: Alan Niester (2002)