“Rhymes with Seltzer”

In this “ultra-rare recording,” Richard Meltzer “reads some stuff, in his living room (1990) & at the Lhasa Club in L. A. (198?).” I’m wading through this slowly (it’s almost two hours), but it’s great. Continue reading “Rhymes with Seltzer”

“what even is a review?”

A formidable question, posed by Mark Sinker at Freaky Trigger, and a fetching/daunting examination of its many contours and contradictions. The surgery begins with a complaint (from a friend of Mark’s) about Nick Tosches’ review of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid in Rolling Stone, I think because Tosches seems to not address the record itself. Which leads to a trail of thought that includes Flaubert, the Grotesque … Continue reading “what even is a review?”

Just Another Moody Monday, continued

Okay, so I figure this won’t be the venue for soliciting reactions (I have no strong reaction myself, frankly, beyond mouthing what a few others have already said), but here’s a bit of what’s out there: Maura Johnston: But this is all part of a nastier trend in writing about music, one that resembles a dying yawp of a certain type of white dude who … Continue reading Just Another Moody Monday, continued