Robert Christgau: He Needs Us, We Need Him (podcast)

Join Phil Dellio, Steven Rubio, and myself as we spend two hours gabbing about Robert Christgau and his recently published memoir, Going Into the City: Portrait of a Critic as a Young Man. Not surprisingly — given how these things usually go — City is a springboard for a wide-ranging conversation that also delves into the Consumer Guide and Christgau’s influence in general, along with … Continue reading Robert Christgau: He Needs Us, We Need Him (podcast)

Summer Fun with The Dean x 3

1. The Dean lands ass first in, of all places, Billboard. Yes–a new column. Anyone wondering how that guy who grades albums like a damn college professor got a column in the bible of the music business should consider one factoid. At 72, that guy has been covering what we’ll call rock and roll longer than anyone in America: 47 years, and not bored for … Continue reading Summer Fun with The Dean x 3

Gaseous Logic vs. Christgau’s Consensus

Problems & Perspectives #2 Gaseous Logic vs. Christgau’s Consensus —————- By Beppe Colli May 14, 2014 —————- Beppe Colli at Clouds and Clocks responds at length to the post-Pazz and Jop free-for-all that transpired here a couple months ago. (I don’t want to quote from Beppe’s piece because I truthfully haven’t waded through it all yet, but I wanted to put it out there for your perusal.)   Continue reading Gaseous Logic vs. Christgau’s Consensus

Expert Witnesses Go Undercover

As of yesterday (I think), the Expert Witness community went kaput: However, it appears (thanks to Steven for pointing this out) that the back and forths between commenters (or some of it? did someone actually edit this thing?) is being published in book form, via the self-publishing imprint, Lulu. (Sorry for the awful title pun. I’m tired, okay?) Continue reading Expert Witnesses Go Undercover

From the Archives: Robert Christgau (2002)

Answers From the Dean: Online Exchange with Robert Christgau (August 2002) The second in our hopefully continuing series of online exchanges features Village Voice Senior Editor, Robert Christgau. Thanks to all the readers who sent in questions, to Tom Sawyer for invaluable editorial assistance, and of course to Robert Christgau for answering an astounding number of reader queries (I stopped counting somewhere around 75). On that note, there were, … Continue reading From the Archives: Robert Christgau (2002)

Big (Sad) Day at Expert Witness

I can’t say I often make it through comments threads at Christgau’s Expert Witness blog, but this one’s a doozy for two reasons: 1) The Dean drops a bombshell: “Just woke up so I won’t go into too much detail at the moment, but now I can make it official. As rumored, Expert Witness will be no more at MSN as of October 1. As … Continue reading Big (Sad) Day at Expert Witness

Silly Wars Cool Down

…it may well be true that Sgt. Pepper is more bound to a moment than in a lot of the Beatles’ earlier music. The postadolescent philosophizing and premusicianly jamming of some of this music sounds silly now. But if the energy of early rock and roll is bound up in the realization of personal autonomy, this music is about beginning to discover that autonomy carries … Continue reading Silly Wars Cool Down

“Making rock criticism safe for theory”

Bill Marx, in Fuse, reviews Devon Powers‘s Writing the Record: The Village Voice and the Birth of Rock Criticism. Here and there Writing the Record lives up to its billing as a provocative examination of Village Voice critics as reflectors on as well as reflections of the intersection of popular music, the rise of hype, and left-wing politics during the ‘60s and beyond. But overall … Continue reading “Making rock criticism safe for theory”