RoxyMania! Re-Turned/Re-Tuned

Back in January 2010, Alfred Soto and I embarked on a multi-part, many-hours discussion of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music. Well, three years and two Bryan Ferry projects later, we’re back at it, this time joined by fellow music writer (and Roxy/Ferry enthusiast) Ned Raggett. The three of us spend most of the following 85-minute podcast (spliced into three sections) chatting about The Jazz Age, the newly released CD containing Roxy and Ferry covers, performed not by Bryan Ferry (who appears to be but a spectral presence overlooking the entire thing) but rather, by an entity called The Bryan Ferry Orchestra. As well, we take a couple brief detours into Ferry’s 2010 solo album, Olympia. Unremarkably, we lack not for banter.

Thanks, Alfred and Ned–I’m sure we’ll meet again.





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RoxyMania! (finale)

Now the party’s over...

Alfred Soto and I wrap up our Roxy/Ferry behemoth with some final comments, including Alfred’s review of David Buckley’s The Thrill of it All and Much Ado About Bowie

MP3s of all seventeen episodes available here (as well as our personal Top 10s + a number of Roxy-related links).

Many thanks to Alfred for indulging me in this concept and for all this insightful and interesting comments along the way. Serious Roxy withdrawal to commence.

RoxyMania! (introduction)

Alfred Soto and myself have been conducting a series of phone conversations about our mutual obsession with Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry — 10+ hours worth of Roxy/Ferry talk, running chronologically through both careers by delving into every release, from Roxy’s self-titled 1972 LP to Ferry’s Dylanesque from 2008. Along the way, we discuss our own personal Roxy and Ferry Top 10s, biographical (and autobiographical) details, hits and misses in the Roxy/Ferry ouevre, and of course, the exegesis-resisting entity known as “Bryan Ferry’s impeccable hair.”

I’ve been a big fan of Alfred’s writing for years — via his excellent blog, Humanizing the Vacuum, his essays in Stylus (including this classic piece on Ferry and his minions), and various and sundry I Love Music posts (including this lengthy, interesting Ferry back and forth) — so it was a pleasure to re-visit/re-evaluate all this music with him.

Downloadable MP3s of these chats are available here.