Guess the Mystery Writer #1

What follows are two quotes from a famous writer—someone whose rise to fame preceded rock—talking to an interviewer about the Stones (both quotes are from the same interview). Rather than tell you who this is and where it’s from, I’d rather let you, dear reader (??) take a guess. Perhaps it’s extremely obvious? (If you are familiar with the passages and want to spill the … Continue reading Guess the Mystery Writer #1

On the “Greater Mysteries Contained Within”

“Critics write about pop music because many of them actually love it, and even when they don’t, they want to figure out why they don’t. It’s like that woman’s ‘My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection’ blog, except instead of Albert Ayler LPs, it’s Katy Perry videos, and instead of a smug veneer of ‘this is elitist and bad,’ they’re genuinely curious about the hows and whys … Continue reading On the “Greater Mysteries Contained Within”

Pop as a Sickness

“People sometimes ask why a serious, well-educated, intellectual fellow such as me wastes his time and enthusiasm on the most insignificant passing trends and the most contrived, trashy music he can find. And I don’t know what to say. I just can’t get into George Harrison, Seals & Crofts or even Van Morrison and the Band. I like that stuff, but it simply doesn’t excite … Continue reading Pop as a Sickness

Quote of the Day (3/11/14)

“I think maybe I feel a little out of place in the critic’s world because a) I’m a scientist and, b) I’m damn handsome. I would have enjoyed being a medical researcher, I think. It’s a good thing I can’t go back in time, because I have about 89 careers I’d like to try.” – John Kordosh, interview in, 2004 (still on the to-be-imported … Continue reading Quote of the Day (3/11/14)

From the Department of Officially-Through-the-Looking-Glass

“I think there is a difference nowadays, yeah. Back when we were first starting, there were plenty of women who were clearly very confident in their sexuality and also quite controversial: Patti Smith, Siouxsie Sioux, Wendy O. Williams, if you ever saw her. That’s one reason a lot of them became iconic in the way that they did. “The difference now is that there’s not … Continue reading From the Department of Officially-Through-the-Looking-Glass

Finding the Perfect Fit

“When it comes to Pitchfork and scoring, I would say that you would be shocked by just how democratic the rating process is. Without giving much away (because I don’t think that’s fair to Pitchfork), it goes something like this: In general, a record is discussed by the writers and generally, through that, the site arrives at a score consensus. Then reviews are assigned or … Continue reading Finding the Perfect Fit

“The thing about rock music…”

The thing about rock music, in all of the forms that I’ve worshipped, is that it’s not about thinking. You have your cerebral performers, but rock music is about the body: the corporeal sensations of fucking, moving, imbibing, ejecting. It is not about the caverns of the mind. And those caverns are where Bach spent his lifetime chasing the intricacies of forms, twisting the ideas … Continue reading “The thing about rock music…”