4 thoughts on “Rockcritics Poll: Early American Rock ‘Zines

  1. Creem is running away with this thing, with one vote cast. This could be a serious blowout.

  2. What you mean “early,” paleface?!? Actually, “Early U.S.” sounds better to my ear than “Early American,” which suggests one of Greil Marcus’s trademark creaky Cotton-Mather-at-the-spinning-wheel fantasies.

    I’ve recused myself from voting for Creem, for obvious reasons, instead going with “OTHER,” a write-in for Mark Shipper’s seminal Flash.

  3. Damn, I should’ve thought of Flash — thanks, Richard! I’d be pleased to find out what some of the other “others” I missed are (I spent all of four minutes putting this together).

    And yeah, I should’ve qualified “early” — ’60s/’70s pre-punk-era, I was thinking, which disqualifies (for instance), Trouser Press (though technically, I think they hit the gate before the explosion, but anyway….).

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